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We treat clients like family, and their pets like our own. 


We are always striving to provide your pet with superior care.  Here is what some of our clients have to say about our practice:

My family and I strongly recommend Dr. Heidi Bassler and her team at Bassler Veterinary Hospital. Above and beyond offering top-notch veterinary and medical skills, I truly felt we had an advocate for the health and well-being of our pet, and our family. Dr. Bassler personally goes the extra mile to care for animals, and comfort and educate their families. Whether for routine check-ups or emergency veterinary care, Bassler Veterinary Hospital is a regional treasure!

Scott, West Newbury

We visited Bassler Vet Hospital after our Pomeranian dislocated his hip on the ice. Dr. Bassler and her team had such a caring nature, attention to detail and overall was incredible. They are SO nice and they genuinely care about their patient's well-being. We had used a local Vet for our dog and two cats for a few years, but immediately switched over to Dr. Bassler after just one visit.


Bassler Veterinary Hospital is the best of the best. Word on the street is that if nobody can figure out what is wrong with your dog or cat, then you need to see Dr. Bassler. With this in mind, I brought my dog King to see Dr. Bassler when King was gravely ill and other vets were scratching their heads. Dr. Bassler took a detailed history, performed a thorough exam, and ran some special tests. And just as people said she would, Dr. Bassler diagnosed the problem and put King on the road to recovery. I am so grateful! Dr. Bassler is really friendly and also has a very nice staff. She also responds to my emails, which makes me feel valued and keeps me informed.


I cannot say enough good things about this clinic. The staff is amazing, they love each pet like it is their own, they helped me calm down when I was worried about my cat being sick. Luckily it wasn't anything life threatening but as a pet parent, it's still scary. Dr. Bassler is amazing, she is so knowledgeable and she treats your animals like they were her own.

They give estimates about the procedures that need to be done so there are no surprises.

Their prices are very reasonable and they have the best interest of the animal at heart.

Thank you for being my two cats doctor. We will be seeing you again!


Amazing care, amazing communication, amazing people at Bassler Vet!! My dog recently had a cancer scare and needed surgery and follow up wound care. From the scary first moments to the last post-op check, Dr. Bassler and her wonderful staff were thorough in their care, consistent in their communication and so very kind to my dog. I am a physician and have had human family members treated with disregard in our over-strained health care system. The care and attention my family received at Bassler Vet was outstanding and couldn't be more comprehensive, knowledgeable and truly caring. Thank you!


I would like to extend a huge thank-you to Dr. Bassler and her staff at their office in Salisbury. I arrived franticaly to her office shortly before they were due to close with my sick poodle. Even though we had never been clients there, they took immediate concern and gave my dog the prompt medical attention he needed to stabilize him. I fear if they had turned us away, the outcome would have been very different


"Dr. Bassler is a wonderful very professional Vet and it is evident, she loves animals, and puts her patients (little munchkins) first. I feel very comforted knowing she will take care of my Sammy."


We are so appreciative of you guys and will definitely be coming to you from now on! We tell everyone we know how amazing you have all been.

Bryan, July 2014

When my dog Rory was sick I brought him to Bassler Veterinary Hospital and was extremely pleased with the way they handled him. Dr. Basslers knowledge and care made me feel comfortable knowing that he was in great hands. I would recommend Bassler Veterinary Hospital to everyone who enjoys the best service for their pets, sensible prices, and pleasant staff.

Tracy, November 2014

Thank for all your help! You continually go above and beyond.

Peter, October 2013

My puppy Ralph has been doing very well since he saw you a few days ago. My family really appreciates how much extra time and effort you put in for our animals!

Gabby, October 2013

Thank you to the caring and wonderful staff at Bassler Vet hospital, and Dr. Bassler for the exceptional care my dog receives! He is always so happy to come in and get cookies and pets from everyone.

Amy, July 2013

Dr. Bassler is the best vet anyone could ask for. She is caring and competent, and her manner is so gentle with my cat. Dr. Bassler always spends a lot of time with me and explains everything carefully. I feel as though I have options during my visit, and prices are reasonable. She specializes in just cats and dogs. There is a separate cat waiting room and separate cat exam rooms, so my Muffin is relaxed during his exam. I am so glad to have found Bassler Veterinary Hospital.

September 2015

Dr. B is very thorough, and truly takes the time to explain all treatments and options with me, to make an educated decision. Thank you for taking such fabulous care of my buddy!

Don, May 2013

Another true review with a now healthy cat. My 12 year old orange tabby Ollie is feeling great because Dr. Bassler and her skilled staff saved Ollie from a Pancreatitis infection last week. Last Sunday night Ollie severely vomited. Monday morning Ollie vomited again and did not move when I put his brother and his food down. I called Dr. Bassler and she told me to bring Ollie in right away. At Bassler Vet Hospital they took Ollie's temperature. Over 104 degrees and he seemed lifeless. Immediately Dr. Bassler and her staff started IV's and tests. The next morning I spoke with Dr. Bassler and Ollie's temperature was normal and he was OK. OK because Dr. Bassler and her staff applied cold compresses to Ollie for hours after I left because Ollie's temperature actually got hotter after I dropped him off. Ollie's correct antibiotic worked quickly and he is fine and getting back to his normal energenic self. Tomorrow I am going to send a nice bouquet of flowers to Bassler Vetinary Hospital.

October 2015

This is the best veterinary service around! My girlfriend and I recently adopted a sweet, loving, cat. Almost instantly we noticed something wrong with her mouth. When we got a look we noticed one of her canine were missing. My girlfriend decided we should take her to get it looked at because it seemed to be getting worse. She looked around at different veterinary hospitals in the area and decided to go with bassler veterinary because It appeared that doctor bassler was well qualified and we read some good reviews. We are so glad we made that decision, and found this wonderful place that not only cares about your pets, but they care about us people to. Every single person we have spoken to there have been phenomenal, and it is Clear how much they love what they do. As it turns out, our cat had a severe infection in her mouth that was causing her teeth to fall out. Our cat went into surgery two days ago and is now recovering well. They even called us today just to check in and see how our cat was doing. If that's not above and beyond, then I don't know what is. This is the only place we will bring our pets from now on. Thank you, Doctor Bassler for saving donut and getting rid of her pain!

December 2015

We had a sick pet last year so we took him to this office. We knew very little about it, but he needed to see someone immediately, and this place was close to home. I am so happy we made this choice! Both the doctor and staff are so friendly and compassionate. All of our pets are now regular patients at this office. It is so clean, and they treat our pets with so much care, and they are reasonably priced. I will never take my pets anywhere else for medical care!

January 2015

I have been taking my dogs to Dr. Bassler for several years. Dr. Bassler and her staff are very caring and knowledgeable. The hospital has recently been renovated providing up-to-date testing equipment and surgical technology to better care for your pets.

May 2015

Dear Dr. Heidi Bassler and Staff,

Thank you for all the wonderful care you gave to Fiona for the last year and the kindness you showed her today.

Sheila and Harry, February 2015

You probably don't remember us, but we brought our Jack Russell, Emma, into your office in early May. We were so distraught because of her recent diagnosis at another hospital of a tumor in her nostril. You guys were SO fast and did bloodwork, ultrasounds, spleen aspirations, and were just so friendly and welcoming.

My husband and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Emma is in remission. Without the patience and understanding from your staff, we might not be where we are today. You answered my crazy questions, fit us in, and were so caring.


Kerry, July 2014

I very much enjoy bringing my Goldendoodle, Lucia, to Bassler Veterinary Hospital as I know they have my dog’s best interests at heart. Their prices are reasonable and their customer service is always excellent and friendly. I know that I will forever be a client at Bassler Veterinary Hospital, and a big thank you to everyone at the Hospital!!

Ally, January 2014

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