Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Pets have teeth, too.  Keeping your cat’s or dog’s pearly whites in tip-top shape is as important for us as it is for you.  Our dental care includes checking your pet's mouth during office visits, and oral examinations during anesthetized dental procedures such as periodontal treatments.  We follow proper anesthetic protocols for your pet’s safety

Periodontal treatments include dental cleaning, tooth polishing, fluoride treatment, full-mouth x-rays, and a complete oral examination.

Oral exams can reveal painful conditions such as embedded foreign objects, fractured or abscessed teeth, or tumors.  At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we are prepared to handle most of these conditions.  

Here are some examples of oral disease diagnosed and treated at Bassler Veterinary Hospital:

  Stick embedded in roof of dog's mouthAbscessed tooth 

Tumor on cat's tongue 



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My family and I strongly recommend Dr. Heidi Bassler and her team at Bassler Veterinary Hospital. Above and beyond offering top-notch veterinary and medical skills, I truly felt we had an advocate for the health and well-being of our pet, and our family. Dr. Bassler personally goes the extra mile to care for animals, and comfort and educate their families. Whether for routine check-ups or emergency veterinary care, Bassler Veterinary Hospital is a regional treasure!

Scott, West Newbury 2016

We visited Bassler Vet Hospital after our Pomeranian dislocated his hip on the ice. Dr. Bassler and her team had such a caring nature, attention to detail and overall was incredible. They are SO nice and they genuinely care about their patient's well-being. We had used a local Vet for our dog and two cats for a few years, but immediately switched over to Dr. Bassler after just one visit.

Stephen 2016

Bassler Veterinary Hospital is the best of the best. Word on the street is that if nobody can figure out what is wrong with your dog or cat, then you need to see Dr. Bassler. With this in mind, I brought my dog King to see Dr. Bassler when King was gravely ill and other vets were scratching their heads. Dr. Bassler took a detailed history, performed a thorough exam, and ran some special tests. And just as people said she would, Dr. Bassler diagnosed the problem and put King on the road to recovery. I am so grateful! Dr. Bassler is really friendly and also has a very nice staff. She also responds to my emails, which makes me feel valued and keeps me informed.

Fred 2015

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