You cannot miss Christine’s cheerfulness when you visit or call our hospital. Christine’s ultimate goal in life is to be happily surrounded by animals and people, and her role as Practice Manager at Bassler Veterinary Hospital is her dream come true! Christine multitasks and oversees all aspects of the front desk. She comes home every day with a smile on her face because she knows she has made a difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

Christine was born in New York City, but moved all over the United States due to her father’s government career. All of this moving throughout the years has given Christine a very outgoing personality. Her career in the animal world started at a young age, by owning a variety of pets ranging from exotic to domestic. She began volunteering at the ASPCA while attending school and working part-time as a pet sitter. After practicing as a licensed cosmetologist, Christine earned her Associates Degree in Business Management, then worked as Event Coordinator for a Nature Center in Pennsylvania. The Nature Center provided the forever home to over 180 different species of exotic animals. After moving to Massachusetts, she decided to pursue her true passion with animals and was delighted to join the Bassler Veterinary Hospital crew. The rest is history!

Client services are of the highest importance to Christine; if she can offer helpful assistance to a pet owner, she knows she has done her job. She also enjoys spending time with four-legged patients and working alongside her fellow team members.

Christine lives on Plum Island and enjoys spending time outdoors, swimming and pursuing all activities the island and Newburyport have to offer. Look for Christine’s happy smile at the front desk at BVH, where she is waiting to cheerfully greet clients and all her furry friends!