World-Class Anesthesia Protocols

Because love deserves no less.


Higher Standards

Safe anesthesia is the only anesthesia at Bassler Veterinary Hospital! Our AAHA accreditation is proof that we follow only best practices and safest protocols with your pet’s anesthesia.

When your cat or dog needs anesthesia, you can trust us to provide your pet with the best care. Our modern anesthesia department utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to safely monitor your pet. An anesthesia technician is assigned to each and every anesthetized patient, to constantly monitor patient vitals. These vitals include heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac function, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, exhaled carbon dioxide, body temperature, and more. Safe anesthesia is the only anesthesia at Bassler Veterinary Hospital.

Slide State-Of-The-Art Your pet’s safety and comfort are our top concern. In addition to cutting-edge anesthesia monitoring, patients receive an IV catheter with electrolyte fluids, and cozy warming devices. This improves anesthetic safety and patient comfort. Only the safest anesthetic drugs are used, with safe gas anesthesia and oxygen provided by sterile breathing tubes. Breathing tubes are brand new for each patient and trimmed to fit your pet. This protects the airways, and enhances oxygen delivery and waste gas removal.

Patients recovering from anesthesia are kept warm and cozy, and receive T.L.C. by a veterinary technician.
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