About Dr. Heidi Bassler

Dr. Bassler is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She is also involved in various local groups, and supports Anna Jaques Hospital, Merrimac River Feline Rescue Society, Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, Firehouse Center for the Arts, and Newburyport’s Chamber of Commerce.

Protect Pets from Ticks

It’s time for tick talk.  We live in the geographical bull’s eye for Lyme disease.  Our pets live with us, and whether we like it or not, we share our homes with arachnids and the diseases they spread. Spring is well under way and the weather is tick nirvana.  Those little critters know how to [...]

5 Ways Responsible Pet Ownership Can Reduce Veterinary Costs

As a devoted pet owner, you want to ensure your beloved companion has a long, healthy, happy life by your side, although you wish providing top quality care cost a little less. Fortunately—for your wallet and your furry pal—responsible pet ownership can actually reduce overall health care costs through regular wellness and preventive care. Learn [...]

COVID Q&A For Pets

 The pet parents’ concern of COVID-19 and how it might affect their pets has heightened in the past few weeks.  Recently, we have heard multiple news stories of animals contracting this virus. First, there were dogs in Hong Kong and a cat in Belgium.  Then the infamous story of the tiger and other large cats [...]

5 Tips to Help You Care for Your Pet During a Pandemic

During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are worrying about the health and well-being of your family, friends, and coworkers, which may leave little room for planning every aspect of your pet’s care during quarantine. Although you’re taking on new roles during this crisis, such as teacher, remote worker, and master chef, you’re already [...]

Does Coronavirus affect pets

In the world of viruses, the new coronavirus is an infant.  It was born into the presence of mankind only four short months ago in Wuhan, China.  Since then, this coronavirus has invaded virtually every corner of the earth while seeking its human target. Although we already know a lot about this virus and the [...]

Coronavirus and Pets

We are in the midst of a pandemic caused by a novel strain of coronavirus. This virus started in animals but jumped to humans in late 2019. Now seen worldwide, it is responsible for killing thousands of people and infecting many more. Coronaviruses belong to a large family of viruses that are seen in virtually [...]

Take These 6 Steps to Protect Your Pet From Parasites

As spring approaches with warmer weather, we enjoy spending more time outdoors with family and pets. Parasites also appreciate the milder temperatures and increased host activity, emerging from their winter resting places to feast on your furry pal. However, your pet is still susceptible to parasitic diseases in the winter. Although the temperatures outside may [...]

Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry

Indolent, T-cell lymphoma was diagnosed in an eight-year old beagle, based solely on oral lesions found during routine anesthetized dental prophylaxis and oral exam. The awake oral examination was hampered due to patient aggression. Owner was unaware of lingual disease in her dog and had not noticed any abnormality. Upon anesthetic induction with midazolam [...]

Fido’s Achy Breaky Tooth

February is National Pet Dental Health Month.  If you haven’t looked in your cat’s or dog’s mouth recently, now is a good time to take a peek. Pets suffer from many of the same dental problems as their human counterparts.  Gingivitis, periodontal disease, bad breath, broken teeth, and tooth abscesses are common.  We take care [...]

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