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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

Did you know that keeping your pet’s mouth squeaky clean is a vital part of their overall health? Dental disease—one of the most common conditions in our pet population—not only causes unpleasant breath but can also lead to pain, infection, and heart problems. Staying on top of your pet’s oral health is a top priority, [...]

New Year, New Health Plan: 3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy in 2021

A new month, a new year—no time is better to focus on your pet’s health, happiness, and care. You may have already made a list of resolutions for yourself, but what about for your four-legged friend? While we believe your pet’s health care should begin on day one, their wellness plan may require some tweaks [...]

The Ultimate Guide to the Greatest Holiday Gifts for Pets

Although you don’t need an excuse to buy your furry pal a gift, the holiday season certainly is a good reason to splash out on a cool gadget, engraved leather collar, or plush orthopedic bed for your senior pet. 2020 has been a crazy, hectic year, so your Bassler Veterinary Hospital team wants to make [...]

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, It’s almost Christmas, and I’m so excited! I’ve tried to be a good little pet all year. My parents seem pleased with me most of the time. They say I was naughty when I destroyed the new couch, peed on the pillow, and tore open the trash. Otherwise, I’ve been on my [...]

Seasonal Safety for Pets

It’s November and the holiday season is about to begin. Even in this era of COVID restrictions, we like food and fun with close family, including our pets. Your furry family member has special needs at this time of year. Common misperceptions can mislead pet parents on the care of their four-legged kids during this [...]

The Scoop on Pet Poop

Having pets has advantages. Without a doubt, your forever friend is your TV buddy, snuggle pal, meal companion, fitness trainer, and best listener in the world. If there’s a cloud inside your pet’s silver lining, though, it’s probably in the form of the daily cleanup. Your pet’s waste is the “other side” of those fun [...]

5 Spooky Halloween Situations Every Pet Owner Needs to Avoid

Halloween is right around the corner, and although this year’s festivities will be a bit different than usual because of the coronavirus pandemic, some hazards remain for your furry pal. Like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Halloween has its fair share of spooky situations that can ensnare your pet, but proper precautions can avoid emergencies. Before Halloween [...]

Is My Pet in Pain? 10 Ways to Tell if Your Pet is Uncomfortable

If your beloved companion is uncomfortable or experiencing any pain, you’d think you would know. After all, your pet is attached to you at the hip when you’re home, so picking up on their discomfort should be easy, right? Unfortunately for you and your furry pal, cats and dogs are masters at hiding signs of [...]

Flea Prevention

Fido and Fluffy love spending balmy days with you. During this era of COVID-19, outdoor time with pets has increased. Unfortunately, you’re in good company with pesky critters, as fleas thrive in this weather, too. The trick is to take advantage of these glorious days while leaving unwanted visitors behind. Fido and Fluffy will feel [...]

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