Seasonal Safety for Pets

It’s November and the holiday season is about to begin. Even in this era of COVID restrictions, we like food and fun with close family, including our pets. Your furry family member has special needs at this time of year. Common misperceptions can mislead pet parents on the care of their four-legged kids during this [...]

The Scoop on Pet Poop

Having pets has advantages. Without a doubt, your forever friend is your TV buddy, snuggle pal, meal companion, fitness trainer, and best listener in the world. If there’s a cloud inside your pet’s silver lining, though, it’s probably in the form of the daily cleanup. Your pet’s waste is the “other side” of those fun [...]

Is My Pet in Pain? 10 Ways to Tell if Your Pet is Uncomfortable

If your beloved companion is uncomfortable or experiencing any pain, you’d think you would know. After all, your pet is attached to you at the hip when you’re home, so picking up on their discomfort should be easy, right? Unfortunately for you and your furry pal, cats and dogs are masters at hiding signs of [...]

Flea Prevention

Fido and Fluffy love spending balmy days with you. During this era of COVID-19, outdoor time with pets has increased. Unfortunately, you’re in good company with pesky critters, as fleas thrive in this weather, too. The trick is to take advantage of these glorious days while leaving unwanted visitors behind. Fido and Fluffy will feel [...]

Don’t Leave Me! Separation Anxiety Signs and Management in Pets

Many pet owners do not like to leave their cherished companion alone at home while they go to work or run errands. Some pets are upset about being left behind, and develop separation anxiety. In fact, dogs with separation-related diagnoses make up 10% to 20% of the cases referred to veterinary behaviorists. This common condition [...]

Take These 6 Steps to Protect Your Pet From Parasites

As spring approaches with warmer weather, we enjoy spending more time outdoors with family and pets. Parasites also appreciate the milder temperatures and increased host activity, emerging from their winter resting places to feast on your furry pal. However, your pet is still susceptible to parasitic diseases in the winter. Although the temperatures outside may [...]

7 Things Pet Owners Need to Know About Their Pet’s Dental Health

Many people don’t think about their pet’s dental health until they notice an issue. But, your furry friend’s oral care should be addressed each and every day, rather than waiting until your pet struggles to eat because she is in pain. Stay on top of your pet’s oral health by keeping these facts about dental [...]

4 Steps to Help Your Pet Reach a Healthy Weight

The saying, “You are what you eat,” imparts that you need to put good food into your body to be fit and healthy. You make all the decisions about your pet’s nutrition and the quality of her diet, which in turn provides the foundation for her overall health and well-being. Although it’s tempting to spoil [...]

How Bassler Veterinary Hospital Caters to Feline Patients

Here at Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we understand that cats are a unique, wonderful species requiring a soft touch, a gentle hand, and specialized veterinary care. We love cats and want their visit to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to learning the best ways to perform necessary care with unnecessary [...]

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