Treating Illness

Because they belong by your side.


Illness Examinations

When your pet isn’t feeling well, we are here for you. Whether your cat or dog is a little sluggish, or outright sick, call us because we can help. At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we listen to your concerns, perform a thorough exam, and discuss options for testing and treatment.
Our full-service hospital is equipped with complete laboratory services, digital radiology, and ultrasound. If you pet needs hospitalized care, our comfortable cat and dog wards are well-equipped and attended by certified veterinary technicians.
Our goal is to make your pet feel better quickly so that you can both enjoy happy time together.
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Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is common in pets, especially as they age. Early diagnosis and management is often key to a successful outcome. At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we routinely monitor your pet’s kidney function and are proactive in addressing illness early. Read More


Diabetes is a common condition in cats and dogs, and its incidence is on the rise. At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we manage diabetes with diet and use insulin when necessary. Our wholesome approach to diabetes in pets results in complete remission for some pets, especially cats.
We understand that diabetes involves a lifestyle change, and we work with you to achieve this.
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Arthritic knees; good hipsYou don’t need to let your beloved pet suffer quietly with arthritis. Signs of arthritis can be subtle and include decreased activity, less owner interaction, not jumping onto furniture, and limping.
At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we address arthritis pain and make pets feel better. We discuss options for arthritis, from diet and nutritional supplements to medications and laser therapy. We tailor the plan to meet your pet’s needs and your budget. Our goal is to improve your pet’s quality of life as he spends his golden years with you.
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Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Illnesses

Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases are common in New England, and our pets can become sick from these, too.
At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we use a variety of tests to screen for tick diseases in pets. Prompt treatment is offered for those in need, and prevention of these illnesses is discussed for all pets.
We understand that every pet and family is different. For your convenience, we offer a variety of competitively priced flea and tick products to suit your pet’s lifestyle. We discuss the options with you so that you can choose the product that is best for your furry family member.
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Thyroid Disease

Whether it’s an elevated thyroid hormone, or a low one, pets can be affected by thyroid disease. We accurately diagnose this confusing condition. We then discuss treatment options, so that you can be involved in selecting a plan that works for your pet and your family. Read More

Anal Gland Disease

Anal glands are normal secretory sacs located at the anus of many animals, including cats and dogs. These sacs may become diseased, causing itch and pain.
When our pets have inflamed anal glands, they are uncomfortable. We understand and we can help. Several treatment options are available, depending on your pet’s situation. Read More

Bladder Stones

Bladder stones can have numerous causes. This influences whether the stones can be dissolved with medically, or whether surgery is necessary for treatment.
At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we first discuss options for bladder stone removal, and then we go a step further and guide you with a prevention plan to minimize recurrence. Read More

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a painful condition that can occur in both dogs and cats, although it is more common in medium and large breed dogs.
Animals with hip dysplasia have a deformed hip joint, where either the femoral head and/or acetabulum are flattened. This can cause pain in young animals and lead to degenerative changes as they age.
At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we recognize your pet's pain and work with you to make him comfortable. We discuss options ranging including nutritional supplements, pain medicine, and surgery.
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Gastrointestinal Disease

Tummy aches aren’t fun for anyone, and your pet is no different. Whether it’s a simple upset stomach, or a more complicated gastrointestinal ailment, our goal is to make your pet feel better quickly.
At Bassler Veterinary Hospital, we identify the cause and provide rapidly effective medication so that your pet’s vomiting and diarrhea stop. We help your pet feel better and enjoy eating again.
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