Although you don’t need an excuse to buy your furry pal a gift, the holiday season certainly is a good reason to splash out on a cool gadget, engraved leather collar, or plush orthopedic bed for your senior pet. 2020 has been a crazy, hectic year, so your Bassler Veterinary Hospital team wants to make your holiday season simple and fun—at least when it comes to your pet. We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest holiday gifts for cats and dogs that will delight any pet on your list. Check out our top favorites. 

#1: Catch and capture: A camera that tosses treats while watching your pet

Do you wonder what your four-legged friend does all day while you’re at work? Maybe you want to talk through your notes with your pet before your big presentation. With a pet camera that has a two-way audio, bark sensor, night vision, and treat-tossing capabilities, you can watch your pup all day. 

Pet cameras are also used for many pets with behavior and medical issues, such as separation anxiety, destructive behavior, and seizures, as well as monitoring for house fires and burglaries through the bark sensor. For a gift that doubles up on fun and safety, a pet camera is the way to go.

#2: Snack time: Whip up homemade treats in your kitchen

Do you love making tins of Christmas cookies to deliver to your loved ones? Why not switch gears and make healthy treats for your furry pal? Your pet is sure to love a home-cooked snack that is free from preservatives and other chemicals. Plus, you can play with the ingredients to find what combination your four-legged friend goes wild for. Tuna and cheese morsels for cats and apple and peanut butter biscuits for dogs tend to be big hits, but search online for the perfect holiday recipe to share with your pet. 

#3: Feel the warmth: Give your pet a heated bed

As the temperature dips and the sun disappears, your pet—especially your cat—may be missing the warmer seasons. Help them warm up with the next best thing—a heated bed. While heating pads designed for people can get scorchingly hot and should not be left on all the time, pet-friendly heated beds can be designed to heat only 10 to 15 degrees above the ambient temperature and can be plugged in 24/7. Your furry pal will never feel a cold draft again. 

#4: On the hunt: Appeal to your cat’s predatory nature

Admit it—your house cat is bored watching the birds at the feeder each day. Cats are natural predators, who would spend much of their day in the wild catching prey. Since they do not need to hunt down their next meal, your bored house cat needs another outlet to ward off monotony. Appeal to your cat’s senses with food puzzles and robotic toys, which will encourage them to be more active, while warding off problem behaviors caused by stress and boredom. Purchase a variety to place under the tree, and swap out various puzzles to keep your cat intrigued and engaged, or design your own.

#5: Explore the path less traveled: Head out on new adventures

While your cat’s gift appeals to their predatory nature, give your pup one that caters to their incredible sense of smell. Sniffing out the same old scents on your daily walking route can become boring for your pooch, so change it up and explore paths less traveled. By allowing your dog plenty of chances to sniff as you walk, they experience benefits beyond mental stimulation—their blood pressure decreases, and heart rate slows, leading to a more relaxed pup. Seek out new hiking trails, local parks, or neighborhoods with pet-friendly businesses that let your dog enjoy the town with you. Plan an entire day exploring new surroundings as a special gift for your furry pal, and you’re sure to be thanked with a happy tail wag and wide doggy grin. 

#6: Show your pet the love: The ultimate gift of your time

Although treats, toys, and bedding make wonderful gifts, your pet will be perfectly happy with an extra belly rub, massage, or snuggle session. Double up on your quality time by incorporating physical activity for good health. Add an extra game of fetch, or break out a new feather wand to tempt your feline friend from their napping post. No matter what you do, your pet will be happy to spend more time with their favorite human. People and pets appreciate most the gift of quality time together. 

Our Bassler Veterinary Hospital team wishes you and your pet a happy holiday season, packed full of fun toys, cool gifts, and safe celebrations. However, if your furry pal gets into mischief, our team is here for you—give us a call.