On the first day of Christmas my human gave to me, a microchip in a pear tree.

The microchip was a great idea.  I’m scared when I’m alone and in unfamiliar surroundings.  Now I have permanent identification.  I can’t speak human, but the microchip helps find my mom and dad.  Thanks to this technology, hundreds of thousands of lost pets have been reunited with their families.

But I’m not sure what to do with the pear tree.  Maybe it will provide shade for me on hot summer days.

On the second day of Christmas my human gave to me, two professional dental cleanings.

Great idea!  Pets have teeth, too.  With this gift, my teeth can be cleaned and examined every six months this year, just as my parents visit their dentist every six months.  Rumor has it that my veterinarian has digital dental x-rays.  Very cool indeed.  That lets her look under my gumline to find areas of pain and disease.  I like my mouth healthy, clean, and comfortable.

On the third day of Christmas my human gave to me, three vaccines and a wellness exam.

OK, maybe I don’t need three vaccines this year, but it’s the thought that counts.  The wellness exam I’m really excited about, though.  I love this appointment because it’s my annual “healthy” exam.  I’m checked to make sure there aren’t any early problems.  Great idea.  I want to live a long, healthy, happy life with my family.

On the fourth day of Christmas my human gave to me, four grooming coupons.

All I can say is, who doesn’t like going to the salon?  Don’t you feel like a million bucks afterwards?  My skin feels fresh, my coat shines, I smell good, and I just love that new bandana.  They even trim my nails and clean my ears and rear-end glands.  (May sound yucky, but I feel a lot better afterwards.)

On the fifth day of Christmas my human gave to me, five yummy foods.

Oh, I better have a chat with my sweet parents.  I know they meant well, but five different foods?  I actually prefer just one healthy food, and if a switch is necessary, to do so gradually.  Pets are prone to tummy upset with sudden diet change.

On the sixth day of Christmas my human gave to me, six weeks of training.

What a wonderful idea!  I try hard to please my beloved humans all year, but sometimes I think we may not be on the same page.  These lessons will help me understand what my family is trying to tell me.  I want to be a good pet!

On the seventh day of Christmas my human gave to me, seven walks a week.

Yippee!  How much better can it get?  Exercise, stimulation, and special human time every single day.  Maybe we’ll jog, or play ball, or go for romps in the woods and chase squirrels.  I can’t wait!

On the eighth day of Christmas my human gave to me, eight forms of shelter.

First came the shade of the pear tree.  Then the shade of other trees.  My family also gave me my own doghouse.  Thanks mom and dad!

On the ninth day of Christmas my human gave to me, nine months of worm prevention.

That includes heartworms and gut worms.  What a relief!  I don’t want those icky things inside me.  I need to have a word with them, though.  Nine months doesn’t quite cover the year.  Maybe they’ll add a bonus so that I won’t be at risk for three months.

On the tenth day of Christmas my human gave to me, ten daily snuggles.

Wow!  Did I hear that right?  Ten times a day they’re going to hug me, pat me, or tell me that they love me?  Oh yes, my heart is throbbing with joy.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my human gave to me, eleven months of flea and tick control.

Great start, mom and dad.  You must have heard this was a terrible year for those bugs.  Even though it’s December, I can still get them.  And they can give me diseases such as Lyme, anaplasmosis, and tapeworms.  Ticks have a two-year life cycle and survive New England winters, and fleas can live indoors all year long.  The rest is history.  So please, add one month to protect me all year!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my human gave to me, twelve months of pet health insurance.

Pet health insurance is an awesome gift!  My family probably checked various plans online and asked my veterinarian for recommendations.  This insurance pays up to 90% of my medical bills when I get sick.  Thank goodness my family has this covered when I’m under the weather.

Happy holidays everyone!  And remember to leave snacks for Santa’s reindeer!