Dr. Heidi Bassler is the primary veterinarian and owner of Bassler Veterinary Hospital.  Growing up on a farm in rural Canada, she was drawn to animals from an early age.  She has been fascinated with the human-animal bond and the well-being of animals ever since.

“Being a veterinarian is not just a job for me.  It is my calling.  It is what I was meant to do.  Caring for your pet the way I would want my pet cared for is important to me. Connecting with clients is also important, because they are the eyes and ears and voice for the animals walking through our door.  The whole experience is rewarding and humbling at the same time.  I understand the bond people have with their pets, and I take the responsibility of protecting it seriously.”

Dr. Bassler earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada with several awards. Early in her career, she performed post-doctoral research at Cornell University. She was a pioneer in developing the rapid polymerase chain reaction test, commonly referred to as Real-Time PCR. This test uses computer technology to detect DNA from disease-causing organisms and is frequently used today in human and veterinary laboratories. Dr. Bassler published her ground-breaking research in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Click here to read her article .

Dr. Bassler is passionate about her work in veterinary medicine and believes in elevating the standards of patient care. She believes in following best practices, including thorough exams, client communication, disease prevention, anesthesia care, and pain management. Spotting the subtle signs of pain and offering simple adjustments is integral to this. From early pediatric kitten and puppy visits to aging senior pets, she is devoted to their complete care.  Dr. Bassler voluntarily opens her doors to inspections by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), a rigorous accreditation process in which over 900 points in 18 different categories are evaluated.  Bassler Veterinary Hospital is proudly among the mere 15% of veterinary facilities nationwide that repeatedly passes this standard of veterinary excellence.

As a cat lover herself, Dr. Bassler particularly enjoys feline veterinary medicine and visits with cats and their owners.  She has been called a “Cat Whisperer” though she is quick to point out that she loves dogs too! Her focus is in making sure they live as long a life as possible, and importantly, prides herself on her ability to consistently improve their quality of life between visits. Dr. Bassler is a certified Cat Friendly Veterinarian and a current member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Bassler has honed her special interest in veterinary dentistry. She has participated in advanced training in this area and is passionate about how oral health can improve a pet’s quality of life and life expectancy. Pediatric dental assessments, periodontal disease, and surgical extractions are among the services that Dr. Bassler offers.  She is a current member of the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry (FVD).

Dr. Bassler also has special interests in dermatology and internal medicine, due to their wide-ranging impact on improving the lives of dogs and cats. Allergies, ear infections, gastrointestinal issues, and urinary disease are issues that she manages for her patients. Because of her experience in these areas, she periodically consults on challenging cases as a second opinion.

Dr. Bassler is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Other professional membership affiliations include American Veterinary Medical Association, Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association, New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and Veterinary Information Network. She is also involved in various local groups, and supports Pentucket’s Music Boosters, Anna Jaques Hospital, Merrimac River Feline Rescue Society, Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, Firehouse Center for the Arts, and Salisbury’s Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to daily communications with pet owners, Dr. Bassler has enjoyed educating the public through various media outlets. Her newspaper column, Paw Prints, appeared monthly in Newburyport’s Daily News for over 12 years. For almost a decade, her 30-minute radio show, Your Pet’s Health, aired weekly on WNBP (106.1 FM).

Most importantly, Dr. Bassler understands that good communication with pet owners is essential to helping her patients feel better and stay well. Pets are her passion, and keeping them healthy is her #1 priority.